May 21, 2022

How To Change Battery In Prius Key Fob

How To Change Battery In Prius Key Fob. On one side, there is a flush button. Replace the battery with a fresh cr2032 battery.

Fits 20042009 Toyota Prius Key FOB battery replacement from

To replace the battery, you first need to remove the mechanical key by pulling the switch next to the keyring and then pulling up on the keyring to remove the key. Replace the battery with a fresh cr2032 battery. Crossing the top of the battery is a squarish air duct used to cool the primary drive battery.

Learn How To Replace Prius Hybrid Battery In Your Hybrid Car With Our Step By Step Video Tutorial By Greentec Auto.

The key fob has everything built in to remove and replace the battery by hand. Once the spare manual key is pulled out, focus on the same tab and slide the back of the key to remove the casing of the prius key. Unlike the honda key fob where you need a philip screw driver, the prius key fob is much easier in my opinion.

I Guess I'll Change It.

$25 and 25 minutes.cost and time if i went the dealer: So i'm going to pull the battery and measure the voltage and see if its down, which i suspect it will be, and i'll probably change it again. Once you locate the sliding tab, pull the spare manual key out in one swift motion.

To Replace The Battery, You First Need To Remove The Mechanical Key By Pulling The Switch Next To The Keyring And Then Pulling Up On The Keyring To Remove The Key.

How to replace the toyota prius key fob battery? You can't program the smart key computer without it. A screw driver twisted in that slot will pop the lid off of the fob.

Crossing The Top Of The Battery Is A Squarish Air Duct Used To Cool The Primary Drive Battery.

Remove the four screws to get access to the battery. Screw all the screws back in. Checked and it's now at 3.013 volts.

Also Know, Where Is The Battery On A 2005 Toyota Prius?

After a few seconds, the car's system will reset the instructions. If done correctly, the entire key fob will separate down the middle, revealing the battery. Press and then hold the lock button for a couple of seconds to lock, then press another one to unlock doors.

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