May 16, 2022

How To Drill Through Hard Porcelain Tile

How To Drill Through Hard Porcelain Tile. Drilling holes in porcelain, glass, marble, granite or other natural stone tile. It is easy for the drill to slip, scratching the tile or even cracking it.

Drilling porcelain tiles super quick! YouTube from

Porcelain requires a diamond tipped bit. Normal masonry or tile bits wont work. This will keep the drill from walking on you.

Make Sure The Tip Angle Should Be 135 Degrees So That There Is No ‘Walking.

Never apply too much pressure; Step 5 continue drilling for around 6 seconds at a time. Start slowly at first until drill bit begins to dimple in the tile then you can speed up.

Measure, Mark With An X And Then Position The Tape And Then Check Those Measurements Again.

Click to see full answer. The tip is sharp and prevents wandering and walking of the bit. Hard tiles can take some time.

Lubricate / Cool With Water As You Drill.

Apply masking tape to the tile and mark the spot you wish to drill. However, drilling holes in porcelain tile is not difficult! Start slowly at first until drill bit begins to dimple in the tile then you can speed up.

The Tape Will Keep The Drill Bit.

The first option is more expensive but it is incredibly durable and can bore through the toughest tiles. A step by step guide on how to drill through porcelain, ceramic tiles. Not only that, you’ll also need a specialist drill bit that is designed to penetrate both the hard glaze and body material of porcelain.

If You Put Masking Tape On The Tile It Gives Some Tension.

Porcelain and natural stone tiles are a lot tougher than ceramic tiles, meaning that you’ll have to exert a little more effort to break on through to the other side. Pressing too hard may cause the entire surface of the tile to crack. How to drill a hard tile such as porcelain marble or hard ceramic, diamond drilling guide.

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