How To Install Roof Flashing Against A Stucco Wall

How To Install Roof Flashing Against A Stucco Wall. Use your hammer and nails to secure the felt into place. How to install roof to wall.

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Then reposition the flashing, and press down on the flashing against both the wall and the roof to seal the flashing to the tar paper. Tape over the cut in the housewrap with housewrap tape. Wrap the top of the wall with the wrb and install a new cap flashing.

It Is Important To Overlap Any Old Roofing Felt By At Least One Foot.

Certain parts of the flashing, such as counter flashing and ez bead, are installed prior to the stucco application and then patched back in after the installation is complete. Metal roof flashing can be use to seal gaps between roof walls. How to install roof flashing against a wall.

The Step Flashing Should Have A Layer Of Asphalt Cement Below It.

Then install new stucco over the existing, including a wrb. Remove the stucco, lath, paper below the line. Flash onto the surface of the existing stucco.

Inspect The Structural Integrity Of The Wall And The Overhang.

Install the next piece of step flashing on top of this shingle, aligning the bottom edge just above the nailing strip step flashing, installed as each course of shingles is installed, involves placing an individual piece of metal flashing, bent at a right angle, against the building wall, extending up the wall 4 and onto the roof a minimum of 2. Roof to wall flashing there have always been problems with the flashing details at head walls, rake walls, and chimneys especially if stucco, brick or stone veneer is used. If the stucco has not been installed then the flashing should be underneath the stucco.

How To Install Roof Flashing Against A Wall.

How to install roof flashing against a stucco wall.the wall leg of the kickout should be applied over the housewrap cut a 2 ft square piece of housewrap and tuck one edge into the horizontal cut (the same one the first piece of housewrap was slipped into) and up under the housewrap on the wall by at least 5 in. Be sure to overlap the old felt with the new felt by a foot, and secure it with nails. Beginning at the bottom and stepping up the slope, 'fish the strips under the existing building paper, behind the stucco until you hit a nail or staple, and then stop.

Remove The Flashing And Apply Some Roofing Cement To Fix The Flashing Into Place.

Snap lines and cut the stucco 2' above the height of the plywood deck on the yet to be built roof. For step flashing with a stucco wall, you will be working in part on the roof. Place the first piece of step flashing over the end of the tarter strip.

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