How To Make An Axe Throwing Target

How To Make An Axe Throwing Target. The first layer should cover the osb or plywood walls. Look for wood that is free of dark spots and knots, especially towards the center of your target.

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There should be horizontal 2×10, 4 feet long, drilled into the wall, and well packaged to cover the entire space of the external lens. The bullseye must be 24” inches (60.96 cm) from the bottom of the board. , feel free to move the target as needed to avoid excesses 4.

Continue Screwing In The Vertical Target Boards Outwards From That Center Board.

You must use a large, sturdy target to keep the activity safe. You’re going to need something to throw at your target, make sure to check out the watl starter kit. Put two screws in each end, connecting the leg boards with the back brace.

Add The Upright Boards, Vertically From The Ground.

We shall be using our last 2×4 to create a solid third leg to hold up our target. The bullseye (inner red circle and unmarked 5 ring) must be 3.5” inches in diameter inside the center ring. Look for wood that is free of dark spots and knots, especially towards the center of your target.

What This Will Allow Us To Do Is Wedge It Between Our Two Legs And Be Able To Screw Is Against Our Axe Throwing Target So That It Is Flush, Making It More Stable.

Make your own axe throwing targets blocks if you want to create your own targets with our system, you will need a large cut off saw, jointer, planer and table saw along with standard tools such as screw guns, hammer, etc. Pine and spruce are both good options. By using our saw we will begin to cut the tip of our final piece in a 90 degree angle.

The Bullseye Must Be 24” Inches (60.96 Cm) From The Bottom Of The Board.

Place the two upright boards down with the edge side up and place the front brace with each end lying flat and flush on the end of an upright board, so that it’s spanning the distance between them. This is the target’s base, put to the side. In cutting these, you have to make use of the saw and measure tape.

Building An Axe Throwing Target Will Teach You The Basics Of Carpentry.

Then the second layer is called the back which should be made of wood. Find the center point of your target, line it up with the center of one of your front target boards, and screw the boards into the backboard. The center of the bullseye should be 63 inches from the ground.

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