How To Measure Chainsaw Chain Stihl

How To Measure Chainsaw Chain Stihl. The proper way for how to measure a chainsaw chain length is as follows: There are two measurements you need to get in regards to the bar.

Stihl Stihl MS230 Light Weight Petrol Chainsaw, 18 Inch
Stihl Stihl MS230 Light Weight Petrol Chainsaw, 18 Inch from

The stihl company stamps its chains with a number, called a marketing number, that will help you identify the size of the chain. How do you measure the chain on a chainsaw bar? In most cases, the stihl chains have two stamps on them.

Measure The Length Between Any Three Rivets.

Measure the distance from the tip of the chainsaw bar to the point where the bar first comes off the saw. That’s how you can size a chain in a nutshell, but as you can see, there’s a lot to dig into with this topic. The first is the cutting length.

This Measurement Is Taken From The Tip Of The Bar To Where The Bar Meets The Chainsaw Body.

This is an easy measurement. As you can see, the chain gauge is indicated by the first number on the chart, and the depth gauge is indicated by the second number. Ideally, the measurement you get should range between 12 and 20 inches.

Measure From Where The Bar Connects To The Chainsaw Casing To The Furthest Tooth Of The Chainsaw Nose.

The extent of your cutting angle can be derived from a stihl chainsaw bar size and/or drive sprocket diameter. This measurement is typically done in inches and rounded to the nearest round number. To judge the actual length using this method.

To Determine The Chainsaw Bar Size, Simply Take A Tape Measure To Measure From The Motor Housing Body, Down The Length Of The Bar To The Tip Of The Bar.

For those who are looking for a combo stihl chainsaw accessory, this pack is selected for them. Keeping this in view, what size chain is on my stihl chainsaw? It performs equally well as compared to the pmm3 chain, with the only difference being a slight increase in weight.

Lay The Chain On A Flat Surface So You Can See The Rivets, Which Are The Circular Metal Pieces That Hold The Chainlinks Together.

You need to place your hand behind the bar as you hold the saw and pull it towards you. How do you measure the chain on a chainsaw bar? The bar measurement is the number that comes after it.

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