How To Mount A Hi Lift Jack

How To Mount A Hi Lift Jack. Either on the left or right side, in a vertical position. 60 inch patriot edition hi lift jack:

Handle Up! HiLift Jack Co. from

The cover fits snugly over the mechanical parts, but does not cover most of the bar or the handle. • raising vehicles or other mobile loads (when properly chocked, blocked and stabilized). And although a high lift can be used as a come along its a pita.

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Allows for easy and adjustable mounting on round tube from 1” up to 3” in diameter. Heavy duty construction and provisions for security locks ensure your jack will be ready when you need it. A high lift is neither.

The Cover Fits Snugly Over The Mechanical Parts, But Does Not Cover Most Of The Bar Or The Handle.

A high lift is not a winch. This means that you can use conventional hi lift jack mounts that mount the jack with the holes in the bar. You can set them up on any other appropriate location, but the slots are the most secure means to do so.

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Discussion starter · #1 · 9 mo ago. A neoprene cover for your hi lift jack is a pretty easy way to keep it protected. I used this one too.

60 Inch Patriot Edition Hi Lift Jack:

Store these instructions in the handle of your jack. Not to be confused with a winch. Raise the wheel with a hi lift then jam a bunch of rocks/logs under until your off the obstruction.

I Would Suggest Using Pipe Insulation Or Something Similar To Wrap Around It To Keep From Rubbing/Vibrating Against The Seat Rails, Though.

Thread on wing nuts & lock down thread down the wingnut securely into place. You can run the foot up the bar to where you will begin jacking without having to cycle the mechanism. A hi lift is like having sex on a chevy s10 bench seat.

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