How To Put Paper In A Printer Canon

How To Put Paper In A Printer Canon. Load the paper open the rear tray cover (a) and then pull up the paper support (b). Load the paper in the center of the cassette with the print side facing.

Canon Tech Support Removing Paper Jams MG4120 from

Pull the paper output support (g) and open the output tray extension (h). Open the front cover gently. Hold the paper by the edges to avoid fingerprints on the glossy surface.

(3) Slide The Paper Guides (A) To Open Them, And Load The Paper In The Center Of The Rear Tray With The Print Side Facing You.

Do not slide the paper guide too hard against the paper. Use the buttons to select the size of the loaded paper in the front tray, then press the ok button. Place your photo paper in the tray with the glossy or printable side facing down.

Use The Right Paper Guide (A) To Slide Both Paper Guides All The Way Out.

Step 1 open the front cover of the printer by placing your hand in the groove and pulling the cover down. Use the right paper guide (a) to slide both paper guides all the way out. Paper is housed in the printer’s paper tray, and most trays can be found along the bottom of the printer.

Load The Paper In The Center Of The Cassette With The Print Side Facing Down.

Slide the paper all the way in until it stops. Your canon machine may allow you to load. The printer paper roll sits on this arm.

Slide The Paper Guide (A) To Align It With The Paper Stack.

Slide the printer cover off of the device. How do you put a5 paper in a canon printer? Within the paper tray, you will notice a guide that can be adjusted to fit your preferred paper length.

The (Asterisk) On The Lcd Indicates The Current Setting.

The paper tray of canon printers is usually at the bottom of it. Register the page size according to the paper loaded in the cassette. How do you change the ink on a canon calculator?

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