How To Summarize An Article Sample

How To Summarize An Article Sample. Creating a reverse outline is one way to ensure that you fully understand the article. The article should be divided into main ideas.

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Pay attention to its section headings or subheadings (if it has any) and first sentences of each paragraph (they usually denote the topic of their respective paragraphs). Keep an eye on the text’s key arguments or methods (depending on the type of article you are reading); The first thing you should do is to decide why you need to summarize the article.

Creating A Reverse Outline Is One Way To Ensure That You Fully Understand The Article.

It means you should formulate the main idea of each part of the article. Remember, every sentence of your summary should be connected to the main idea. It is also useful when they would have to report for class, prepare and write research papers, and the like.

Read Your Topic Completely Again.

If you are done reading the article, make sure to read all topic sentences you wrote down or you wrote; • express the underlying meaning of the article, not just the superficial details. How to write a summary of an article sample.

To Summarize An Article, All Things About Article Should Be Dome First.

Part 3 writing your summary 1 do not use personal pronouns (i, you, us, we, our, your, my). Follow these steps to make it more professional and understandable. Using your own words, you need to rewrite the main ideas

Make Sure You Use Your Own Words In Your Summary;

Why it is important to learn how to summarize an article? Learning how to summarize an article may take some getting used to after all that conditioning in english class that told you not to rely on summary. Identify the key ideas or questions of the text;

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Break the text down into sections. Pull out the main point from that section, then write a sentence that summarizes what the author is saying. And wonderful, loving parents they were.

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