How To Tape A Knee With Kinesiology Tape

How To Tape A Knee With Kinesiology Tape. Kt tape helps treat this condition by relaxing and supporting the muscles, reducing pressure in the area of pain, and increasing circulation. This is a simple and effective way to provide support and reduce pain.start wi.

Do you tape your knees to help with pain? Maybe you should from

Preload the muscle and fascia by moving your leg to the other side. Make a tear drop shape before cutting the tape. 25% stretch apply tape around outer edge of kneecap with 25% stretch.

1.Wash And Shave Your Skin 2.

Sit with the knee positioned at a 90º angle or less. This is a simple and effective way to provide support and reduce pain.start wi. Be sure the knee is flexed when taping.

Round The Corners And Split The Tape In Two.

First, measure out the approximate length of the knee. If you are using a roll of kinesiology tape, unwind and cut off the amount of tape you need. How do you tape a knee for stability?

Attach The End Of The Tape To The Outer Side Of The Lower Leg, Starting Just Below The Knee.

Place that anchor at the midline above the patella/knee cap. Then, round the ends of the tape by cutting the corners with scissors. Bend the knee at a 90 degree angle 80% stretch middle of half strip of tape under kneecap with 80% stretch.

0% Stretch Anchor Full Strip 25Cm Above The Kneecap.

Step 2 apply a second y strip by anchoring the tape above the knee and attaching the tape on the side of the knee. Measure the tape, cut the length you need, and round off the corners. Any points of pain on the sides of the knee should be covered by tape.

Make A Tear Drop Shape Before Cutting The Tape.

Kt tape serves all of these purposes without the downsides of bracing or wrapping. This can be an acute complaint after a trauma, but also chronic knee complaints due to, for example, wear and tear. Here we’ll detail the steps on applying rocktape kinesiology tape to the knee.

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