How To Test A Relay With A Power Probe

How To Test A Relay With A Power Probe. The power probe 3 is our most popular circuit tester. The audio feature can be disabled when testing relays.

Obd km10 12v power probe automotive circuit tester circuit from

We will be testing the relay out of the car with a battery, jumper wires, and a power probe. 2 place your multimeter in volts dc mode. Take a look at some of our products in action learn more.

Use The Fuse Pull Method To Find The Draw;

Godiag gt101 pirt power probe review and use tutorials. Power from the switch flows into the relay at pin 85 and out to a chassis ground from pin 86, making a complete circuit that activates the relay’s electromagnet. Thanks to the white leds you will always have a light work illuminating the wires under test.

Control Circuit (Shows Resistance 50 To 120 Ohms) 86 Power In (Example:

With the adapter tip installed on the probe and applying power, the probe will no longer output full battery voltage. Insert the battery clips into the power probe. Switch circuit that controls accessory item (ie starter motor) 30 power in hot 87 power.

What Is The Correct Procedure To Check For A Parasitic Drain?

The magnet closes the second independent circuit within the relay that runs between pin 87 and 30. The power probe (pp) read ground, and then i powered the pp when the starter cranked and turned over the engine successfully. Godiag pirt gt101 power probe is a special circuit maintenance testing tool that is developed for automobile maintenance workers and engineers.

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How many amps is considered a parasitic draw? I will show you how to test a 3 4 and 5 pin relay. Use the test light to probe the wire coming out of the relay.

It’s Small, Compact, Affordable, And Simple To Use, Yet Packed With Enough Testing Features To Handle The Majority Of Your Electrical Testing Work.

Control circuit (shows resistance 50 to 120 ohms) 86 power in (example: How to use a power probe. Beside that technique of finding the relay functionality, you can use this method also.

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