May 16, 2022

Well Pump Starter Capacitor

Well Pump Starter Capacitor. Well pump is 220 ft deep. The capacitor for my well pump blew a few days ago.

5971 MFD (uF) 220VAC 1/2 and 3/4 HP Well Pump Control Box from

Well pump capacitor melt down. With a regular qd (quick disconnect box) there is only a start capacitor. They do not use a control box, they have a capacitor and centrifugal relay built into the motor.

In A Single Phase Bore Pump A Start Capacitor Increases The Starting Torque For A Short While And Then Brings The Motor Rotation Up To A Rate Approaching The Speed At Which It Will Run The Pump Constantly.

When the check valve failed the pump kept cycling and eventually blew the start capacitor. The capacitor for my well pump blew a few days ago. But now the capacitor keeps blowing.

I Replace It And It Lasts A Short While Before It Melts Again.

The meter should reach infinite, fall back slightly, then reach infinite again. The pump is in a 260' well at the 160' level and water is at 90'. The post explains a circuit which controls a submersible borewell motor by operating its red (start) and green (stop) buttons, in response to low level, high level water conditions, and also in a condition where the motor may experience a dry run situation.

Directly Replace For Franklin Part# 275464105;

A 3648 as in the op's case should have no trouble with a 3/4 hp deep well pump. I have a new house built 2013. When the capacitor in the control box is used for years, the capacitance decreases below 10% of the range, near the end of life.

Big Pump Is Required For Code For Home Fire Sprinkler System.

A wire set from the storage tank's pressure switch and a wire set that leads to the pump motor enters the control box. If it does not, then replace the capacitor. This causes the start winding to disconnect from the capacitor.

Aug 12, 2007, 09:19 Pm.

It is just a basic box with start capacitor, relay and overload device. The black capacitor continues to melt down and loose all of it's oil. The pump, of course, is still in the well.

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